Understading working of javascript : Google’s JavaScript V8 Engine

What is javascript?

Javascript is a single threaded,aynchrounous,non-blocking concurrent language.If you have an javascript code ,it is run by engines.Javascript v8 Engine powers Node.js ,Chrome browser,Electron(Desktop Application dev).There are many Javascript engines like Chakra(Microsoft), Spidermonkey(Firefox).

We focus on V8 Javascript engine to understand more about JavaScript engines here.What V8 basically does is that it generate machine code from source code . All modern JavaScript engines use Just In Time(JIT) compilation also V8. V8 does’nt generate machine code Ahead of time but on run time when we need it.Compilation and execution goes at the same time.

V8 features an interpreter called Ignition and an optimizing compiler  called TurboFan.

Bookmark this page . Detailed study on V8 Engine will be available here soon…..


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