PHP / May 31, 2018

In this section we will look at OOP with PHP . Refering the below explanations prior to interviews will surely help you to answer some of the most common questions an rookie/intermediate level developer might face in interviews.Here is a diagram depicting object oriented programming concepts CLASSES In object-oriented programming , a class is a template definition of the method s and variables in a particular kind of object . Thus, an object is a specific instance of a class; it contains real values instead of variables.

A CLASS is a template of an object.An OBJECT  is an instance of class

DATA ABSTRACTION Concept of Abstraction in PHP is important php oop (object oriented programming) concept.To show the needed/relevant information or details without showing all information which is not necessary is called abstraction.   Abstract Classes. – An abstract class is a class that is only partially implemented by the programmer. It may contain one or more abstract methods. An abstract method is simply a function definition that serves to tell the programmer that the method must be implemented in a child class.

    The constructor of a class defines what happens when you instantiate an object from this class. The destructor of a class defines what…

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