Starting off Node.js web developement in ubuntu/Linux Mint 18 – (ExpressJS,Mysql)

Node.js is an open source server environment which lets us write server side code in javascript. Node.js is asynchronous,single threaded and non-blocking .Node.js has very high memory efficiency which makes it very popular in server side  developement for web/mobile app.In this article we take a look at how to start of web developement in Node.js with Mysql as database.

To install Node.js in your linux run the following command in the terminal

After installation run the following command to verify the installation and check the version of Node.js you are having.


npm(node package manager) is a Node.js package manager that is bundled along with Node.js. npm help us manage Node.js packages efficiently.

To initialize our project run the following command in the folder  you want to create the project.

You need to provide a few details like name of your project,version etc which can be skipped.The command will create a package.json file in which you can add the packages you want to  your project.

The package.json file will look like this.

Express is a web developement framework for node js.To install Express run the following command in terminal

–save option add the dependency to the package.json file.Now our package.json file will look like this


You can add  “express”: “^4.16.3”  to package.json file under dependancies and run npm install to install express.

Now create an index.js file and add the following code to it.

Run the following command in terminal to start your server on port 3000.

Or you can add the above command in ‘scripts’ in package.json like

and run npm start to start the server.

To create routes


The function one() is called middleware.The middleware function has access to request and response objects.Its better for the structure of the app to create new routes module and write all routes in that and write  the middlewares in to a seperate module and import both in to index.js.


Using Mysql with sequelize in Express

We use a module called sequelize,which is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tool for using mysql with Express.To install sequelize,run the following command.Install mysql2 also.

To connect sequelize to mysql add the following code.

Now we add the following code to run a query on table ‘industry’  and return response , when we hit  – localhost:3000/


This is just an example code . The app is not properly structured.It is better to divide apps in to





and structure the app



This tutorial just shows how to connect to sequelize.Do more research on using ORM to learn sequelize.

The final package.json and index.js are given below









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