Join two tables and get count in mysql:Example with hasMany relations in sequelize

Consider we have two tables ‘users‘ and ‘comments‘.Each user can have multiple comments so that ‘users‘ and ‘comments‘  have ‘hasMany‘ relation. The foreign key is user_id in the comments table.

The structure of both tables are as follows


id    | name |    email

1    userone    user1@gmail.com

2    usertwo    user2@gmail.com


id    | comment        | user_id

1      commentone      1

2      commenttwo      1

3      commentthree    2

4      commentfour     2

5      commentfive      2

6      commentfive      2

As you can see, the user with id 1 has two comments and the user with id 2 has  4 comments. To get all users with their respective number of comments, we can use the following query.

The result will be

1 userone user1@gmail.com 2
2 usertwo user2@gmail.com 4

Sequelize Example


To learn more about sequelize, see the following article


For our example, we need to create two model files





hasMany relation

Now we need to define hasMany relations from users to comments, in your db.js file. You need to import and use both the models in db.js file


Sequelize query

Here usersModel and commentsModel are the imported models



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