Creating a Node.js Application with IBM Cloud Foundry platform : For beginners

Read about Cloud Foundry here https://www.cloudfoundry.org/

Read about IBM Cloud Foundry here https://www.ibm.com/cloud/cloud-foundry


Cloud Foundry is the industry-standard open-source cloud application platform for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications. This article will provide a basic understanding of how to work with  IBM Cloud Foundry platform- the Cloud Foundry on IBM Cloud, the tools that can be used in IBM, creating a toolchain with the development tools, and continuous delivery.

Cloud Foundry is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) on Cloud service providers that enables you to deploy and scale apps without managing servers. It can be used with a set of tools to develop applications. Cloud foundry manages aspects like scaling. The seamless connection of resources with Cloud Foundry can be achieved with IBM.

Cloud Foundry as a platform is available  various service providers like IBM, AWS, and BOSH


Step 1: Create a Cloud Foundry

Navigate to Cloud Foundry, click on create, and choose Node.js as runtime and choose a name and fill in the other details to create the application. Click on the create button and wait until the Application is created.  An app URL will be provided and a basic application will be created.



Step 2: Enable continues delivery

Navigate to overview and click on enable continuous delivery on application. To enable continuous delivery, a toolchain needs to be created. A toolchain is a set of tool integrations that support development, deployment, and operations tasks. The following tools can be integrated for basic use.

  1. Git For Version control
  2. Delivery Pipeline
  3. Eclipse Orion Web IDE for editing code



Step 3: Create resources and create connections

Connections can be made with the cloud foundry application and resources like Object Storage and API Gateways.


Step:4 List of resources created, Clone the application and edit code

Navigate to resources list, resources created will be displayed here. The resources created include.

  • Cloud Foundry apps(1)
  • Cloud Foundry services(2)
  • Services(1)
  • Developer tools(1)

The developer tools option will have the tools used.



IBM cloud foundry can be used with the IBM CLI as well. Read more here.cloud foundry

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