Sass Part 6 – Sass with Node.js based applications, Sass output styles
css , SASS , Uncategorized / January 30, 2020

This part of the Sass series aims at helping to set up Sass in Node.js projects. Sass preprocessor used with Node.js is the one written in c++ called libSass. node-sass is the library which binds Node.js applications to LibSass preprocessor. Part 1      – Introduction, variables, and nesting in Sass. Part 2     – @-rules and Directives. Part 3     – Operators and control directives in Sass Part 4     – Built-in modules and functions. Writing custom functions with @function and @return Part 5     – Understanding mixins, creating mixins in Sass using @mixin   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Setting up Sass in Node.js applications. The four output styles of Sass.   Sass with Node.js applications and Sass output styles Create a project with npm init. Install node-sass using the command

Now create an SCSS file, test.scss with the following syntax.

Now, there are four output styles in Sass. compressed nested compact expanded Output styles determine the style of generated CSS. –output-style provides the option for providing output style.      Now run the command

This command will generate a CSS file test.css, with a compressed style.


–output-style nested will generate a CSS file test.css with style like…

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