Sass part 4 – Built in modules and functions. Writing custom functions with @function and @return
css , SASS , Uncategorized / January 15, 2020

This is the fourth part of our Sass series. This part covers built-in modules, functions, and modularization in Sass. Part 1      – Introduction, variables, and nesting in Sass. Part 2     – @-rules and Directives. Part 3     – Operators and control directives in Sass       WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Sass modularization, built-in modules, and functions in Sass. Writing custom functions in Sass.   Sass modularization Sass moved built-in functions into separate built-in modules in its Dart version DartSass. The C++ version of the preprocessor LibSass and the Ruby version of the preprocessor RubySass do not have this modification. Sass introduces @use and @forward which can be used to create custom modules. @forward makes mixins, variables, and functions in your Sass module available in other Sass sheets.  The modules with these forwarded variables, mixins, and functions, are loaded to Sass sheets using @use. The built-in modules have functions and mixins which can be used to work on data types and selectors. Functions to observe the internal operations of Sass are also combined into a module. Functions can be classified into three types.  Functions to work with values of different data types, selector functions, and introspection functions….

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