Sending email with SendGrid and Node.js – Using HTML templates:Step by step tutorial
Javascript and Node.js , Snippets / July 15, 2018

SendGrid is a communication platform that helps you manage communications with your clients via e-mail.SendGrid helps you manage email sending,design templates using code editor/design editor,run marketing campaign etc.To use send grid with your Node.js application,you need to integrate @sendgrid/mail package to your application.Follow the steps below to integrate and configure mail sending in Node.js with SendGrid   STEP 1 Create a SendGrid account using your email,provide the necessary information and confirm your account by clicking the confirmation mail from sendgrid   STEP 2 Sign in to your SendGrid account and go to dashboard.In the left side settings you will find an option called Api keys. Click on Api keys and generate a new api key for your sendgrid account.   STEP 3 – Integrating #sendgrid/mail To install sendgrid/mail for node run the following in the terminal.

In your node application,use the following code to import @sendgrid/mail

  STEP – 3 Creating a template in sendgrid To create aSendGrid template, go to the template section in the left side of your dashboard.Create a template  and then click the action button. From the action button choose the option New Version which will give you the following screen with design editor and code editor.Choose…

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