Understanding ‘this’ in Javascript
interview questions , Javascript / March 20, 2018

This in Javascript refers to the object to which the function belongs. The value of this is determined by how a function is called.’This’ refers to the “owner” of the function.In the case of a normal function like below ‘this‘ refers to the global object (window object)

In the above example, a function WrapAll() is being called from the global scope. The global scope means in the context of window object this and ‘use strict’

Here this is undefined as use strict prevent global object   Now we can see how the this keyword works in an objects point of view by creating a new object.To create an object,we need a constructor function

Callback functions In the above object we use fetch which returns a promise.To the promise .then we give a call back function  as seen below

Here , we can see that the console.log inside the callback function gives the window object.This is because the callback function is a normal function in Javascript which is put in to the callstack by the event loop from the event queue.   To get the ‘this’ inside the callback we can use bind()

We can also use…

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